About Me

My curiosity, proclivity and connection to the sense of life beyond perceived physical limitation has been close to my heart as long as I recall. Art, music, philosophy, appreciation for the natural world, and immersion in to the wisdom/healing/religious traditions of cultures spanning the globe made a great impression in my life from an early age. 

Fast forward to the teen years  - my attention was captured in a big way. During residential treatment for substance abuse & depression, I was introduced to yoga, art + music therapy, dream work, aromatherapy and many other pathways to health and wellness. It was during this time I realized The Healing Arts would play a huge role in my life. As a thriving survivor of trauma and all that comes along with it, {depression/anxiety/shame/stress, hypervigilance, substance abuse, eating disorders, unhealthy/co-dependent relationships} I know first hand the lasting and complex effects of trauma. I also know how possible it is to heal. I look back on my life and I wouldn't change a thing. Utter worthlessness has provided me more opportunities for joy and expansion than I could ever recount here. 

Empowered spiritual living and creative expression saved my life. Through the support and guidance of loved ones/teachers/therapists, God's good grace, and in creating an incredibly loving relationship with myself, I began to learn how in honoring all parts of self, suffering and joy, we being to realize our innate wholeness. I am still learning this.

Integration through practice, so that we can recognize our true nature, unique creative potential and experience more joy + ease is the essence of the work I share through reiki, yoga + song. The broader intention of this work is to bring our cultivated love + acceptance to our community + to the world at large. There's a whole lot more to this story, but that feels good for now...

When not sharing this work, I can be found journeying to my family's property in the Southern Sierras, thrift shopping, being goofy, tending to my garden, writing, creating hand-woven seed bead jewelry, spending lots of restorative time in nature, enjoying time with loved one's and fronting a soul~roots~funk band: LARK

Education and Training

Lauren Christine is a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Massage Practitioner + Writer/Vocalist.



Lauren has been practicing Reiki for 13 years. Her earnest desire to discover the methods by which human's have the capacity to heal began when she was 18 and witness to the miraculous & powerful healing of a loved one through their devotional Reiki/Meditation practice.  Soon after, Lauren began her formal Reiki training from Degree 1 to Degree 3 Practitioner under the guidance of her beloved friend & Reiki Master Teacher, Jonathon Star, in the Usui Tradition.


Adjunct  Studies:

Reiki 2 Training with Tyann Linden, 2011

California Holistic Institute, SLO


Advanced Reiki 3 Studies with Prema Yoga School, 2018

Reiki Master Certification ​



Prema Mind Body Spirit 200 HR YTT, 2018

Hatha Yoga, Restorative & Yin with a deep immersion in to the philosophical and energetic aspects of the practice.

Yoga For Trauma Training with Lisa Danylchuk

Yin Yoga Training with Jonnie Goodsmason 

Along with teaching privately and in studios, Lauren has been on staff for the last two Prema Mind Body Spirit Yoga Teacher Trainings, where she has taught focused studies in Chakra Theory and Kirtan. 


Certified Massage Practitioner, 2011

California Holistic Institute, SLO


Lauren brings her gifts as a musician in to her private session work through voice, drum and harmonium along with offering workshops exploring the sacred and healing aspects of music when shared in circle. 

Lauren has been singing since the time she could speak. As a child she studied piano, guitar and voice: singing is the instrument that stuck. In High School her choir performed at New York's Carnegie Hall after being selected to perform under the direction of Mormon Tabernacle Choir Director, Craig Jessop. As former front woman of MAMA TUMBA, a 13 piece afro-latin funk band, Lauren received the honor of working with many talented musicians who draw from a rich and diverse musical background. As a ​vocalist & songwriter Lauren combines her authentic, heartfelt lyrical sense with rich tone and old soul sensibility in her current project: LARK